Our services

Sale of products and complete technological service, the creation of new recipes, new recipes and raw materials for customers in existing equipment.
  • Sweeteners
  • Starches & derivatives
    Starches & derivatives
  • Gliukozės sirupai, gliukozės-fruktozės sirupai, invertuoto cukraus sirupai, sorbitolio sirupai, maltitolio sirupai.Sirupas bitėms maitinti The syrup for bees to feed
    The syrup for bees feed
  • Mišiniai padažų ir jogurtų gamybaiMišiniai geriamo, tiršto, neriebaus jogurto gamybai. Mišiniai majonezo ir padažų gamybai.Majonezai salotoms, kebabams, hamburgeriams; pomidorų padažaiMayonnaise for salads, kebabs and hamburgers; tomato sauces.
    Mayonnaise and sauces
  • Albumens
  • Stabilizers, gums (hydro-colloids)
    Stabilizers, gums (hydro-colloids)
  • Mixtures for production of mayonnaise and yogurt
    Mixtures for production of mayonnaise and yogurt
  • Preservatives, anti-oxidants
    Preservatives, anti-oxidants
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